Fitted clubs will cure your 'sick' swing


Pro tips from Jeff Gotham, director of instruction for the Leadbetter Golf Academy at Cateechee

  • Cateechee's golf course
    Cateechee's golf course

From time to time, a golfer will hit a shot that makes themselves “sick.” If they get into a series of these shots, it may feel as bad as having the flu. This is when absolutely nothing sounds or feels good. For some players, this illness comes around far too often. Take heart. You can take the first step to begin the healing process. 

Get Properly Fitted

Fitted clubs will help maximize the opportunity for players to shoot lower scores and get more enjoyment out of the game. This is true for all skill levels, including beginners. Think about it, if ill-fitted shoes compromise how you walk, imagine the effect of ill-fitted golf clubs for every shot.  

Data shows, based on a 155 yard 7 iron shot, a lie angle two degrees off can produce a shot 20 feet off your target line. A lie angle 4 degrees off can produce a shot 40 feet off your target line. Your short irons are affected greater than your long irons when poorly fitted. We know you don’t want that to be the case as this is where you score.  

Shaft flex matters, too. All ladies, senior, regular, or stiff flex shafts are not created equal. Each type has different weight and flex characteristics. The correct shaft flex allows the player to load the shaft for better ball striking. Quick tempo players usually require heavier and firmer shafts. While, smooth tempo players could benefit from lighter weight and softer flex shafts.    

Additionally, you should be fitted for clubhead shape, length and grip size. If only one of these items is incorrect, your ability to hit solid shots consistently is compromised. At the end of the day, some of the side spin imparted to your golf ball may not be you. It really could be your equipment.  

I would like to thank my friends at, Callaway, PING and Titleist for their willingness to share information. They are all truly invested in helping you enjoy this great game. The same is true for me and all the coaches of Leadbetter Academies around the globe.   

Happy Golfing!