Taking a look back at Hartwell’s history as reported by The Hartwell Sun.

  • The front page on Feb. 14, 1985, featured a story about a major drug bust in Hart County.
    The front page on Feb. 14, 1985, featured a story about a major drug bust in Hart County.

Feb. 13, 1925 — A Hartwell man was hailed as a hero after a submarine wrecked in New Hampshire during a snow storm.
On the U.S. Submarine S-48, and named as one of the heroes of the incident, was wireless operator Joel Dickerson, son of Mr. Wm. C. Dickerson, of Hartwell near Liberty Hill Church.
The Boston Post published a photograph of Dickerson and his wireless mate, Redmond C. Carroll, both of whom stuck to their post and sent out the S.O.S. signal as the submarine was battered by the blizzard and heavy waves.
Thirty-six men and two officers were on the S-48 when it went on the rocks, all being saved. The commander, Lieutenant-Commander Stewardt E. Bray was cited for bravery, not leaving the conning tower until every one of his men were out of the wrecked ship.

Feb. 14, 1985 — A cocaine bust in Hart County resulted in more than $1 million worth of the drug being seized, along with 28 firearms and more than $90,000 cash.
Law enforcement raided a home in the Airline community off of Ga. Highway 51, where authorities located about one pound of cocaine and two pounds of marijuana from a bedroom closet. Further searching led to the discovery of about three to four pounds of cocaine, which was estimated to be worth $1 million at the time.
A total of 28 weapons were seized in the raid, including an automatic machine gun with a silencer.
Two people were arrested at the home and were charged with possessing cocaine and marijuana with intent to distribute, possessing an illegal automatic weapon and possessing a silencer for the machine gun.

Feb. 10, 1956 — Construction for a new “ultra-modern” city hall in Hartwell was underway and expected to be complete in April of 1956.
The new building was expected to provide adequate space for all the city council meetings, as well as offices for the different departments. The total cost was estimated to be $60,000.
The city hall building prior to the one built in 1956 was considered to be out of date, since it was built in 1898 for the purpose of a police station.
The new city hall was built on East Howell street, two blocks east of the city square.