#Throwback Thursday

  • The Hartwell Sun
    The Hartwell Sun

June 4, 1879

A section in The Sun’s early days titled “Sun Rays” provided readers with insightful information and humorous anecdotes.

“A man in our town calls the yokes on his Billy goats ‘vetoes’ because they keep the Bills from passing and appropriating the supplies in his enclosure.”

“There are more frog-eaters in Hartwell than any town of its size in the State. They fill a long felt want for spring chickens. Some of the girls eat them.”

“The young people speak of getting up a reading club. A good idea.”

“Correspondents are requested to stew down their items to the consistency of gum.”

“All of Maj. Skelton’s  children have the measles. His is the only house in town where there is any and it is supposed that there are so many children in Hartwell who are to have them that there will not be measles enough to go around.”

May 30, 1930

Natural gas was coming to Hartwell for the first time, all the way from Louisiana.

The Georgia Natural Gas Corporation was unanimously granted a franchise by the city of Hartwell at a special session of the city council.

The company was a subsidiary of the Southern Natural Gas Corporation and was granted the right to sell and distribute gas in Hartwell with the stipulation that work is started within 12 months.

Southern Natural Gas announced it was expending $15 million for its programs covering Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

The main pipeline came from the Louisiana fields.

Franchises were secured in about 75 other Georgia cities and Atlanta had recently began using natural gas.

June 3, 1971

A $4 million resort development plan was unveiled by the local chamber of commerce. 

The announcement was the highlight of the Hart County Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet where chamber president W.E. McSwain said the Great Western Resort Development Corporation planned to begin developing 1,400 acres in the northern part of the county in the near future.

The chamber president also announced several plants in Hart County would be expanding, but he couldn’t say which ones.

Other projects the chamber was working on included acquiring a new access road from Hartwell to Interstate 85 and acquiring a perimeter road from Bowersville Highway to U.S. 29 North.