Taking a look back at Hartwell’s history as reported by The Hartwell Sun.

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Jan. 6, 1922 — “Leading citizens” in Hartwell were tired of the antics from some young men during the holiday period — so much so that they called for full enforcement of all laws in the city.
Complaints about young men in the city drinking liquor, shooting fireworks and generally acting up came to a head when “a large body of representative citizens” addressed city officials at their first meeting of the year. The group of concerned citizens asked the city to fully enforce all of the laws, even urging for a curfew law to be  enacted and “more observance of the laws of the home, which have been absolutely disregarded in this city for months.”
Among the frowned upon behavior was a school boy seen drunk, another young man who “was so completely under the influence of drink that he spent the night where he was supposed to make a social and never knew where he was until the following morning.” Some incidents, The Sun reported, were “too horrible to mention.”

Jan. 8, 1943 — Farmers in Hart County were called upon to aid the country during World War II.
An agricultural war program planning committee was formed in the county to help meet farm production goals set by the federal government. Similar production goals were asked of by the federal government for industrial plants to make guns, tanks, planes, ships and more.
The previous year, Hart County met all of the government’s food production goals except for egg production by about 3 percent. With increased goals and more limited labor, fertilizer and equipment, local folks knew it wouldn’t be easy to meet the goals, but necessary.
“‘What will happen if Hitler wins this war,’ is a question that will make us reach our goals,” The Sun reported.

Jan. 6, 1966 — Industrial employment in Hart County set a new record in 1965, The Hartwell Sun’s annual survey showed.
The survey revealed that 2,480 local people were on industrial payrolls at the time, a new record for the county, 1,539 of which were men and 941 were women. Industrial payrolls in the county totalled $7,859,100 for the year, which comes out to an average of $3,169 per person per year.
The estimated retail value of products manufactured in Hart County in 1965 was more than $80 million.