Cumulative cases of COVID-19 now at 10 in Hart County

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Another confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Hart County by the state Department of Public Health Wednesday night, bringing the cumulative total of positive cases here to 10 since the DPH began tracking them statewide. 

County administrator and emergency management director Terrell Partain said he believes there are two or three active cases currently in the county in people who are quarantined in their homes. 

There have been no deaths or hospitalizations reported by the DPH for Hart County cases. The Sun has confirmed, however, that at least one case has required hospitalization at AnMed Hospital in Anderson. 

Partain said he expects the confirmed cumulative case number to continue to rise in Hart County as the DPH works through the information on the 492 cases from unknown counties. The DPH has said cases are listed as being from unknown counties when information on the individuals is incomplete or incorrect. Partain said Hart has had cases added to its total from the unknown county list. 

He also said as testing has ramped up and improved statewide, information on confirmed cases is coming in a much more timely fashion. When the first cases were confirmed in Hart County, it took nearly two weeks to get results, meaning by the time a case was confirmed, it was likely not active anymore. Now, Partain said results are coming back in about 24 hours, sometimes as soon as just a few hours There have only been a few active cases at a time in Hart County, Partain said. At one point there were four active cases concentrated at two residences. Those are no longer active cases, he said. 

Nearby counties have seen more confirmed cases during the pandemic than Hart. In Elbert County, two confirmed cases at the county jail prompted 100 people to be tested by the Georgia National Guard on Wednesday. The county now has had 22 confirmed cases, no deaths and one hospitalization as reported by the DPH. 

Stephens County has seen 73 cases, one death and 21 hospitalizations, according to the DPH. Madison County has seen 24 cases, one death and five hospitalizations and Franklin County has seen 17 cases, no deaths and four hospitalizations. 

Partain encouraged residents and business owners to continue to take precautions as businesses reopen under Gov. Brian Kemp’s guidelines.