We will get through this together Hart County

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    The Hartwell Sun

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Nationally, statewide and locally, the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic has spread across our great country with a vengeance. 

Locally, we are here to continue bringing you news about the Hart County response and about how our local folks are adapting to what we hope is only temporarily our new normal. 

Our mission since 1876 has been to bring you the local news of your community and to help your businesses thrive through advertising.

We are doing this like many local businesses are these days, mostly by phone or email with our doors locked at the office. 

We are adapting and will continue to so we can continue to fulfill our mission. Now, during an event like we have never seen, local news matters more than ever. 

Thank you, our readers and advertisers, for your loyalty. Your families were with us when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. You stuck with us when the world changed on Sept. 11, 2001. This outbreak will live in similar infamy. 

Your hometown newspaper will continue to cover how coronavirus is impacting us in Hart County, albeit with a few operational changes.  

We are practicing social distancing like everyone else. The less than 10 folks in the office sit far enough away from each other to meet Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines. We have disinfecting wipes, disinfecting cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and plenty of soap and water to keep our hands clean. 

During this unique time, you might notice a few changes in the paper. We have a sports page this week, but may not moving forward since all Georgia High School Association events have been canceled and since schools are closed. 

You will also notice our Weekly Happenings and our church events listings are shrinking as more and more cancellations and closures are occurring. We will do our best to keep you updated on what is closed or canceled and when any makeup dates may be scheduled. Let us know at editor@thehartwellsun.com if your business is closing or changing its hours or if your organization has news to report. 

To convey all of this, we are making all of our COVID-19 news free online at www.thehartwellsun.com. 

We are still here, producing our weekly newspaper for you, the people of Hartwell and Hart County. We know you are still here too and are hungry for information on how the response is changing daily. We can also still help your business reach its customers through both our print and online platforms. 

Check our website and our social media outlets for updates throughout the week and call us at 706-376-8025 or email us at editor@thehartwellsun.com if you have news to report or to advertise that your business. 

You can subscribe to our e-edition on the website as well. If you are already a print subscriber, you can sign up to get your weekly e-edition online. 

This will pass and we will get through this, but we need each other to do it. So order takeout from a local restaurant. The CDC said this week takeout is good practice during our social distancing. 

You can also still shop at your favorite local shops by calling them or ordering online when available and still work within guidelines from health officials. Our local business community needs your help. 

We are all in this together and together we will survive it with kindness and compassion for one another. 

Our community was here long long before COVID-19, and we will be here long after the threat has passed. 

Thank you for reading and for your advertising support Hart County.