Rural zone incentives still available in 2020

  • The Hartwell Sun
    The Hartwell Sun

Hartwell’s Economic and Community Development Director is urging business owners in downtown Hartwell to see if they qualify for tax credits for being in a Rural Zone.

“There will likely be 10-13 businesses who will be able to take advantage of tax credits, either job, investment, revitalization or a combination of all three,” said Jason Ford. “Hartwell Main Street has begun the process of reaching out to everyone to make sure businesses don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table.”

Businesses may qualify for these tax credits if they have hired new employees, purchased a building or revitalized any of their building. 

“Remember, all credits hinge on the creation of two full time equivalent jobs,” Ford said. “The forms to fill out are relatively simple. It is one page, Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs just needs you  to bring your documentation to the local government contact, and we can fill everything out together.”