Girl donates birthday to local humane society

Most children dream of the typical birthday bash each year, complete with cake, ice cream, balloons and whatever else their young minds can imagine. Seven-year-old Presley Berryman had something very different in mind for her birthday this year.
When her parents asked her how she wanted to ring in her birthday, Presley told them she wanted to have a big yard sale and give any money she made to the Humane Society.
“I like dogs and cats and I wanted to help them,” Presley said.
The idea quickly gained momentum and resulted in several family members and friends donating items to sell. Presley has already accumulated monetary donations of over $200.
The yard sale will be held this Saturday, Oct. 7 at Granite City Tire, Wheel and More in Elberton.
This won’t be Presley’s first rodeo as far as yard sales go. She spearheaded her first one at the age of four in her grandparents’ front yard in Elberton.
“I hung up some signs saying yard sale and stuff,” Presley said with a big smile. “I made $400.”
Presley’s grandmother, Shawn Berryman, works for Lake Hartwell Veterinary Clinic in Hartwell. With that and the fact that the whole family has always had rescues as pets, it’s no wonder this young lady has such an affinity for animals.
In fact, Presley has two adopted animals at home that she named herself - a dog named Diesel and a cat named Daisy.
Presley’s mother, Brittney Berryman told The Hartwell Sun that Presley originally bounced around the idea of having an actual birthday party, but instead of presents, everyone invited would be asked to bring food donations for the animals. She eventually settled on the idea of having a yard sale instead.
“I thought it was awesome for a 7-year-old to not want presents and want to help animals,” said Brittney Berryman. “Because the Humane Society, it is all about donations. They don’t come into money a lot. Even birthday money she had gotten, she was putting half of it in the money to go to the Humane Society.”
All proceeds from the yard sale will be split evenly between the Humane Societies for Hart and Elbert Counties.
“I hope it (the money) goes to everything, whatever they need it for,” added Presley.
In addition to the items for sale, there will also be a machine on hand for making collar tags for dogs and cats, and a raffle will be held for a free heart worm screening.
The yard sale starts at 8 a.m. on Saturday and will last until. Donations are welcome. Anyone interested in helping Presley raise money before or after the yard sale can call Brittney Berryman at 706-988-9523.
With all the clothes they will have available, Brittney stated they are in need of clothing racks and hangers.
For the mother of a big-hearted little girl who just turned seven on Aug. 21, Brittany Berryman couldn’t be more proud of her daughter.
“For her to have that heart and care about other people and animals like that, I think it’s awesome,” Brittney said.

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