Budget, gambling top 2020 targets for state representative

  • The Hartwell Sun
    The Hartwell Sun

With Governor Brian Kemp calling for a decreased budget in 2020, balancing it is a top priority for state Rep. Alan Powell. He is also hopeful voters may soon be able to vote to allow gambling in Georgia.

“The governor has called for a 4 and a 6-percent cut. Four percent in the current year that he enacted after July, 1. That will go through the next year. The next budget is 2 more percent because of the downturn in revenue,” Powell said. “We run such a tight budget anyway because of constitutional mandate that we balance the budget.”

Powell attributes the downturn in revenue to the state government trying to make Georgia a more enticing place for business.

“We try to cut things that would enhance business in the state of Georgia and jobs, which is one of the reasons we’ve got one of the lowest unemployment rates,” Powell said.