Bowersville tables DDA creation until new year

  • The Hartwell Sun
    The Hartwell Sun

A new administration in Bowersville will be tasked with deciding on whether or not to form a downtown development authority for the town, after the current council tabled the idea last Thursday.

“At this time I feel like we need to wait to make the decision on the DDA,” councilwoman Cindy Hensley said when the item came up on the agenda at the Bowersville Town Council regular meeting on Nov. 15. “After speaking with the incoming mayor, I feel like we’re really all on the same page that we all want what is best for Bowersville. We don’t want to see it disappear. We certainly don’t want to lose the charter, which has been some of the conversation around.”

Councilman Jeff Burney announced it would be his last meeting as a councilman  and agreed they should pass the decision for a downtown development authority on to the incoming mayor and council members.